Guillermo Aguilar

Guillermo M. Aguilar, AIA provides professional consulting services to private industry, government, and allied professional businesses in the fields of project evaluation; physical and land use planning; formulation of urban design plans, policy, and guidelines; architecture for education, transportation, mix-use, and community buildings. Since his inception as a consultant and as founder of his own firm - Aguilar Architects, Inc. - Guillermo Aguilar, AIA has established a reputation for imaginative design, an appreciation of costs and schedule, and an in-depth knowledge of the development and construction industries. Guillermo has been associated with major development companies such as The Irvine Co., Homart Development Co., and The Walt Disney Development Co. He has been a Principal on leading design firms and has successfully applied this experience on major projects in the United States, the Pacific Rim, Latin America, and Europe. 

Most recently, Guillermo was the Principal and Studio Director for the education and transportation sectors at gkkworks, and the CEO of transitworks, a transportation - focused architecture and planning firm with offices in Irvine, CA and Barcelona, Spain. 

The client’s needs, as well as Guillermo’s project approach, are determined at project initiation to provide guidance to the project team. Quality control and design excellence is emphasized. Guillermo’s background and experience ensures that all projects will be served with the best possible strategic advice, analysis, document preparation, and processing assistance as required. Guillermo’s international involvement has provided him with an insight on foreign practices, client knowledge, and an extensive pool of local business contacts in many countries.